Camping Mug Candle - Fall Edition

Scent :

These adorable camping mugs have arrived just in time for Fall!  These excellent durable mugs are a great addition to your fall decor.  Celebrating all things orange, these candles not only smell great but look great doing it. 

Choose your design from the numbered examples.  Or leave it blank and we'll pick one for you.

When the candle is finished, give it a good clean and enjoy your favourite pumpkin spice latte! 

4 Amazing Scents to choose from:

Autumn TrailWalk with the falling leaves as they turn colour. Autumn trail is an aromatic blend featuring notes of apple and cinnamon with a sweet sugary twist.

Butterscotch Brulee This is just yummy... a very rich butterscotch scent with that delectable caramelized sugar. Just delicious!

Falling Leaves - Reminiscent of a leisurely walk on a dew soaked coloured trail, Falling Leaves is a slightly musky fragrance with a hint of bergamot and clove and a dash of vanilla and plum. You won't be disappointed.

Pumpkin Latte - Not your typical pumpkin spice.  This aroma leads off with maple, then blends perfectly with coffee and pumpkin finishing with a hint of pecan.


Made with the same quality coconut soy wax and wood wick for your candle burning pleasure.  Different designs to choose from, make your selection from the numbered photo provided.

These candles would make a great gift for the fall lover, or for anyone who appreciates pumpkins and changing seasons.

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