Like a Goddess - Activated Charcoal Bath Soak

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This bath salt blend is a luxurious combination of Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, flower petals & infused with 100% essential oils.

There are many reasons to enjoy salt baths. Dead sea salt and pink Himalayan salt are well known for reducing stress, and relaxing sore and tired muscles. Activated charcoal from the Hawaiian black lava salt has the ability to bind and trap toxins offering skin detoxifying benefits. And no bath would be complete for a Goddess without delicate flower petals.

Infused with an enticing blend of orange, rosemary 100% pure essential oils.

A combination truly fit for a queen.

Comes with a re-usable muslin bag for an easier clean up experience.


Ingredients:  Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, botanicals, essential oil.

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