Virgo- Zodiac Candle


Zodiac Candle - Virgo

When a Virgo is looking to escape the complexities of every day living, this candle will fit the bill.  Simplify, reflect and look for insight while enjoying the harmonious calm notes of bergamot and vanilla.  Appreciate the delicate addition of ylang ylang and golden patchouli to round out the essence.


Our zodiac candles have been created with the utmost thought and consideration for each astrological sign.

Matching the spirit of each zodiac sign with the optimum complimentary fragrances for a unique and personalized experience.

Hidden inside each individual zodiac candle is a handmade clay pendant with the corresponding sign attributed to it.  Each pendant is hand drawn and hand glazed in various colours, making each one as individual as the person who discovers it. 

Additionally, they come with a cute little tassel key chain for you to attach your pendant.  Clip it on your backpack, your purse, or even your keys.  A handy little reminder of your star sign’s uniqueness and character.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches to ensure quality.

  • Long burn times - 7.5 oz (40 hrs)
  • Eco-friendly - Our all-natural coconut soy wax blend is 100% renewable and sustainable
  • Non-toxic - Sustainable premium fragrance oils
  • Free shipping - over $100


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Checkout our Zodiac inspired gift boxes which include a candle, mug/wine tumbler, tumbles and incense.  Everything selected based on your astrological sign. Be sure to check out the Virgo Gift Box.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support and for choosing to shop with us.

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